Hi, I’m Tevi. As a mom and as a purpose driven change leader I think big and bold. I do wild, new things, all day, every day.

I use my experience leading change to disrupt legacy models and create boundary breaking visions within the financial industry.

Four years ago, I became a mother to three kids under three. I had a two year old and gave birth to twins. The experience was challenging in the most raw and reals ways. After the adjustment period I felt unshakable – I knew there was nothing I couldn't handle.

Becoming a mom to three under three was a profound experience. I carry it with me every day in my job as I work to transform banking.

What I know for sure is that staying ahead means changing at a fast pace.

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I’ve always thrived in change - it excites me. It’s important to understand that we’re going to get left behind if we don’t stay ahead. Staying ahead means changing at a fast pace. I love to inspire people with my own stories of change and finding balance when you love your family and your career. Hosting a conference or event and looking for a speaker? Contact me for bookings and to learn more about my talks.

My Story

My life had been massively disrupted but I came back to work feeling so inspired! Read more here.


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